Blog Update: New Name

Nothing exciting, just a notice for my faithful followers 😉 The blog began as “then sings my soul” with the…

Brevity Calls

Are you feeling the reality of the uncertainties of life, the threat of sickness, the dread of death and “eternity pangs”—the ache in your heart at the brokenness of this world and a longing for true life and wholeness?

What’s the Deal with “Support Raising”?

Why missionaries keep asking you for money and what it’s like on the other side — Part 1

So you get a long message. It starts off something like this: “Hello [Your Name], how have you been? I have some exciting news. I’ve been given the opportunity to serve with [insert missions agency] doing [some kind of wonderful ministry project or gospel work) and I would like to invite you to be part of that…