Small Things > “Big” Things

Are you willing to face persecution for your faith?

If so, do you think you would be able to stand strong in the face of persecution for the sake of Christ? That’s a big question. Truthfully, we don’t really know how we would respond to the kinds of threats and danger that many Christ-followers endure every day. I think many of us imagine (or at least hope) that we would be steadfast in Christ.

While most of us will never be tested in this way, there are moments that prove our faith. Prepare yourself, because those moments are coming today. And every day.

Walking with Jesus and living a righteous life is not in the “big moments,” but in the everyday stuff of life. Obey Jesus. Choose Christ—daily, always, every time. That is more challenging than we care to admit, even with His Spirit in us. Because we refuse, we push away, we choose self—what we prefer, what is easy and seems desirable now—over Christ all the time.

Daily we face these (seemingly small albeit overall quite significant) battles of the flesh and the spirit. It’s a war. And this is where the training is. If we can’t stand strong in Jesus in the little things (which make up 99.9% of life), what makes us think we can withstand persecution? (And what would it be to God if we were only to strive to live faithfully 0.1% of the time?) If we are faithful, obedient, and steadfast in the thousands and thousands of “small things,” we will be prepared to face any persecution and stand firm.

When we live righteous lives—with or without spectacular persecution—we are bringing in God’s Kingdom. In our hearts, in our lives, in our little circle, and in our world.

So then when the Kingdom of God comes in fullness, we will find ourselves right at home. And we will be blessed.

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Reflection on Matthew 5:10

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