Wisdom Says Pursue & Find

Meditation on Proverbs 21:21

Wisdom calls us to pursue righteousness. We know this is good. And by it we will find…

  • ✅ Life: right[eous] living = wise choices, integrity, obedience to God, upstanding relationships. The natural by-product of these are a “healthy” and blameless life. This is “true” life, fullness of life, the kind of life we desire.
  • ✅ Righteousness: wait, what? This is self-explanatory, really. Pursue righteousness, get righteousness. Makes sense.
  • ✅ Honour: a righteous life is an honourable life, an honourable life brings honour to oneself (and to God).

Wisdom calls us to pursue kindness (or goodness/love). We know this is beautiful. And by it we will find…

  • ✅ Life: A good and kind heart brims with love for God and others. Love is life-giving to those who receive it and also to the giver.
  • ✅ Righteousness: Without kindness, can one be truly righteous? Love for God and others motivates righteousness.
  • ✅ Honour: if you’ve ever attended the funeral of a selflessly kind or generously loving person, you’ll hear high praise and great honour ascribed to them. Likewise, allow the Spirit to fill you with love and produce in you the fruit of kindness/goodness.

Proverbs are wisdom. Wisdom states principles {or patterns}, not promises. But wisdom tells us to pursue—to actively chase and desire—these things: righteousness & kindness. And certainly, we should deeply desire to walk in wisdom, no matter the rewards.

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