Emote to Know

God created us, in His image. God created us with emotions. Emotions can point us to a deeper knowledge of who we are, what we desire, and what we truly believe about God.

Every emotion, though horizontally provoked, nevertheless reflects something about the vertical dimension: our relationship with God.

“The Cry of the Soul” – Allender & Longman

When we are in relationship with God and in touch with our emotions, we can know Him more deeply as we learn to resonate with what God feels. The full range of emotions we feel, God feels—but His emotions are never sinful, always holy.

If we ignore, push down, or allow ourselves to drown in emotions, we are blinded to important truths.: truth about who we are and about who God is. Instead, go the way of the psalmists: express your heart to God and examine your heart with Him. The only way we can engage with the heart of God on an emotional level, is to first take those steps. This way God can redeem brokenness in our emotions and restore us to Himself.

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