About the Blog

What soothes the soul? How do you “self-medicate”? If your one-word answer is “Jesus,” you’ve come to the right place. Feed your soul the true food, drink from the fountain of living water. Take your soul meds ✨

The original title of this blog, “then sings my soul,” is a lyric from the classic hymn “How Great Thou Art” which goes:

Then sings my soul, my saviour, God, to Thee;
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

These lines reflect the heart behind my writing here. And though the name did change [as of March 2020], the original intent did not! Though I may occasionally cover topics not directly related to faith, I believe that if Jesus Christ is the centre of my life, He is somehow relevant in every facet of it—even the seemingly ‘unspiritual’ and mundane.

A Blog is Born

I’ve thought a lot about starting a blog (again) and when I look back it is like I have been preparing for it all year. I have drafts and outlines and ideas for posts all which I’ve collected in my notes over the last year which I hope will finally be put to good use here. I love to write and share, and it has been on my heart to do something about it for a while now, so here it goes!


It is my hope that God’s name will be made great in all I write. That it all will be glorifying to Him, and edifying to you and I! May you be blessed, encouraged, challenged, and know Him more as we journey together here.

About Me

Hello! My name is Jocelyn.

I’m Canadian. I’m blessed with a wonderful family. Faith was not an important part of family life (or my life) until I came to really know Jesus in high school. I grew up in a small town, but now I’ve moved to the big city. I spend a lot of time with the international community, which I love.

I have always had a deep love for other cultures. In university, that love grew as I studied East Asia and befriended many students from there. At various times I have lived in Japan and China, for work and for study, and visited neighboring countries while there. I have moved nearly every year for the last seven years.

Now I’m in my twenties, single (but dating), and working with a Christian organization. I love my work—it has been my dream to work in “missions” since I first knew what it was!

I love good coffee and good conversation. I also love languages, learning, reading, and studying (nerd alert!). I want to learn to paint with watercolour and play the ukulele. I love travelling and eating. I’m not too sportsy, but I enjoy being outdoors in good weather.

Quick Note

As to the details/my identity, I’ve really debated whether to “go public” (because authenticity and vulnerability are important!) or be totally “incognito” (so I have the freedom to write without inhibitions or fear of judgment). I decided to strike a happy medium—I need to be real about who I am, or where is my credibility? But at the same time, I need to maintain some anonymity, as I have future hopes of serving on the mission field overseas and don’t want to risk being barred from closed countries. (That’s why I don’t have my last name, location, photos, or links to personal social media up.)

So if you happen to know me personally, feel free to connect and share content, but please refrain from tagging my personal profile in social media posts.

You’re Invited

Please be part of the discussion! Please contact me anytime 🙂

Whatever it is—even if you have found spelling errors (oops) or you don’t agree with my perspective, or you think I’m missing something, or a post is unclear, or I’ve somehow been insensitive in how I’ve phrased something—reach out!

I’m not here to push my opinion, build my own kingdom, or claim that I know all there is to know. I humbly submit to you that I will make mistakes, mess up, and sometimes just be plain wrong! So please, share your thoughts.

Please realize that any hateful, crude, threatening or disrespectful comments or messages will be removed and reported. Disagree if you like, but please mind your words and be polite.