Brevity Calls

Has the “brevity of life” recently been brought to the forefront of your mind?

"Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom." Psalm 90:12

Are you feeling the reality of the uncertainties of life, the threat of sickness, the dread of death and “eternity pangs”—the ache in your heart at the brokenness of this world and a longing for true life and wholeness?

I feel it. There’s so much going on in my heart and my head. The truth is, the realities of uncertainty, sickness, death and living in a broken world are always present, even when we aren’t acutely experiencing them.

What is God showing you in your own heart in the midst of this? Will you push it down, brush it away, and ignore the Spirit’s voice? Or will you allow Him to show you how your emotions are revealing something important he wants to partner with you in?

Recognize the Spirit’s work:
Ignore [and short circuit the process] or
Agree [and move forward with Him in remembering]

As you open yourself to what God is doing and willingly enter into it with Him, reflect on His truths. Take time to dig deeper. Ask God to speak the truth of the gospel into the depths of your ache. Don’t settle for shallow clichés or spiritual platitudes. Get real with God. Let His word weed out lies, extract sin, heal wounds, encourage your soul. Refuse spiritual bandaids like, “just don’t be anxious, God is in control” or “stop worrying and repent” (not helpful). Take time to dig into the gospel and let the gospel dig into you.

Remember the Gospel:
Trust Jesus [dig and pray until you’re there] or
Trust in something else [refuse to go deep, rely on your own strength, turn to distractions]

If Jesus’ truth and love has saturated your heart and mind, the Spirit can show you what’s next. How can you (in partnership with Him) take steps of faith? Maybe a transformative time of meditating deeply on the gospel has already melted away many anxieties: respond in praise and awe! Maybe your fears have exposed your idols: pray for freedom, turn to Jesus as the source of what your heart longs for. Maybe there are thoughts you need to take captive, lies to be banished, bad patterns to be broken: cry out to Him who works in you to will & act according to His good purposes.

Obey in faith [whatever you sense the Spirit is leading and empowering you to do/refrain from]
Reject [disregard the Spirit’s leading]

As the reality that our days are numbered presses on you, recognize it as wisdom. Let it draw you near to God and lean into His eternal purposes for you. Search your heart and see if you find these emotions point to something deeper. Abide in Him.

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