A Comprehensive Beatitude

Reflection on Matthew 5:8

We’re back in the beatitudes. Jesus is telling us just what type of people God blesses and are blessed [happy]. We’re probably so familiar with this verse that we missed something particularly important: Jesus is speaking about the heart. “Yes?” you ask, “as opposed to what?” The focus of that day—especially of the religious leaders—was lawful conduct. Jesus often criticized the Pharisees for their devotion to man-made laws while neglecting to consider the state of their hearts.

My good friend Matthew Henry has this to say:

“This is the most comprehensive of all the beatitudes; here holiness and happiness are fully described and put together.

1. Here is the most comprehensive character of the blessed: they are pure in heart. Note, true religion consists in heart-purity. Those who are inwardly pure, show themselves to be under the power of pure and undefiled religion. True Christianity lives in the heart…

2. Here is the most comprehensive comfort of the blessed: they shall see God. Note, it is the perfection of the soul’s happiness to see God… The happiness of seeing God has promised to those, and only those, who are pure in heart.”

What is the state of your heart? Do you pursue purity of heart? Do you long to see God?

Reflect for a moment.

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